What is National Tax Payer Facilitation Card?

For The First Time In Pakistan, we have launched National Tax Payer Card for an easy access to the records for tax payer. To our valued Customers through our Portal Management System. We offer Tax Payer Card ensuring fast access and Tax Related Record in your pocket.

Who Is Required To File Income Tax Return?

Salaried Person with annual income over Rs. 600,000/- Businesses Individuals with annual income over Rs. 400,000/-. Companies irrespective of any condition. AOPs with annual income over Rs. 400,000/-. SMCs NGO/NPO irrespective of any condition.

Why should I form a private company?

Company benefits from a professional reputation and credibility in the eyes of its clients, partners, creditors, and other stakeholders by virtue of being a regulated company. The company offers the following key advantages: Safeguard your company's name, Perpetual Existence, Option of Limited Liability, Capital Raising Capability, Ownership is passed down through succession, Become a part of Regulated Sector.

What is PSW(Import/Export)?

By digitising Pakistan's cross-border trade and getting rid of paper-based manual processes, the Pakistan Single Window effort, led by Pakistan Customs, promises to cut down on the time and cost of conducting business. According to the terms of the PSW Act, 2021, the Federal Government has notified the PSWC, a public sector business that Pakistan Customs created under Section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017, as the "Operating Entity" of the PSW system. In order to satisfy all import, export, and transit regulatory requirements, PSW seeks to provide an integrated electronic platform that enables parties involved in international trade and transport to register standardised information and documents through a single entry point. To ensure that the PSW system provides the public and traders with the greatest possible benefits.

What is return of income?

Return of Income is a Form that a person submits to the Income Tax Department. It includes information about the individual's annual income.

Does Income tax returns file monthly or annually?


What are the benefits of tax payer?

Following are the key Benefits being a Filer in Pakistan:
Lower rates of tax deduction at source by banks on both profits and cash withdrawals
Reduction on withholding tax (tax already deducted from your income and gains) when registering and transferring motor vehicles
Lower rate of tax on buying and selling of property
Lower withholding tax rate on capital gains on sale of securities
Charges for tax on dividend will be lower
Lower rate of withholding tax on prize bond winnings
Allows you to claim back overpaid tax that has been withheld

What is the due date of a return?

In general, individual and AOP returns are due on or before September 30th, and corporate returns are due on or before December 31st. A company with a special tax year must file its return by September 30th.

What if anyone is not paying or not willing to pay income tax?

FBR sends notice to everyone who is not paying their income tax return annually and they can charge you heavy fines.

What to do if someone is getting notices from FBR for not filing the returns.

We deal with them and can send written reply on client’s behalf as a tax specialist.